About The Ross Hutchison Foundation

About The Ross Hutchison Foundation

The Ross Hutchison Foundation

Throughout his life, Ross ‘Rossco’ Hutchison has been driven by a single ethos — to make sure every single minute counts.

Originally demonstrated in his commitment to hard work and dedication to excellence in his TV and stage career — today, the philosophy is the impetus behind the not-for-profit Ross Hutchison Foundation.

Now joined in his altruistic mission by the inspiring George Mavros, the Foundation relentlessly helps those in need in Penrith and beyond.

Ross Hutchinson

Ross Hutchison’s career defines the word showbiz. Yet, despite a lifetime on television and stage, his driving force has always been to improve the lives of others.

Attending a cabaret performance with his parents when four years old, Ross found himself inexplicably on stage. Even today, he doesn’t know how it happened — nevertheless, there he stood in front of the somewhat bemused spectators, and began singing.

The audience loved it — and so did Ross. Seeing their smiles, their laughter, and joy, he knew that he could make a positive difference.

With a doctor recommending he should take up dancing to improve his asthma — a life in entertainment was cemented. Not just forging his choice of career, but also teaching him another valuable lesson — dramatic performance can enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

Moving through the ranks of theatre and cabaret, Ross became the number one choreographer and dancer in Australia. In demand by icons such as Liza Minnelli and Sammy Davis Jr. — and principal dancer, choreographer, and troupe leader on Bandstand — Ross was now an established entertainment industry phenomenon.

Through his connections, Ross became Humphrey B. Bear’s personal director and choreographer — star of the TV series Here’s Humphrey. Immersing himself in the character — Ross delighted and enthralled preschoolers across the nation.

Understanding the joy Humphrey brought, Ross saw an opportunity. Along with Humphrey, he began visiting children in hospital — bringing them invaluable hope and escapism.

But this wasn’t enough. Ross wanted to bring comfort, relief, and advice to everyone. And so, as a natural progression, the Ross Hutchison Foundation was born.

In addition to his charity work, Ross strives every day to help others. His Dream Team One academy discovers and trains new talent, while his Sacred Gardens project provides spiritual, nutritional, and wellbeing support for the lost, unwell, and troubled.

George Mavros

Since 2021, George Mavros, Managing Director of ETSI Consulting, has expertly taken the reins as CEO of the Ross Hutchison Foundation. With his exemplary background in multi-disciplinary businesses — he’s forging a new, bold, and exciting era for the Ross Hutchison Foundation.

As Ross himself explains, ‘There are certain things that happen and I know, that’s going to work — and George was one of them.’

From the moment they met, George immediately understood that he was meant to work with Ross to grow, develop, and expand the Foundation. Now, considering Ross as a trusted personal friend — as well as a respected colleague — he’s found their shared values of social justice, compassion, and ceaseless determination create a formidable symbiosis.

George is already no stranger to community work and charity projects. In his role as a business guru, he finds time to coach and mentor young or inexperienced business people and students — demonstrating his genuine passion for people and his strong sense of social activism.

And, he’s a man that knows hard work achieves results.

Hailing from a distinguished 40-year career in sales, marketing, consulting, and management — George has worked with some of the biggest names in business.

From WD40 through to Alcan Aluminium, he’s collaborated across all market sectors — including grocery, confectionery, stationery, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical, and government.

Today, George works as Managing Director of the business advisory service ETSI Consulting. With a down-to-earth, strategic approach to all his projects, he expertly delivers advice, solutions, and recommendations — empowering people to realise their true potential in their commercial endeavours.

Living out his philosophy of living each moment as if it was your last, strengthened by a strong spiritual foundation, and an intrinsic aptitude to making things happen — George is the man to drive the Ross Hutchison Foundation into the 21st century and beyond.

Ensuring that thousands more undersupported, unrepresented, and underprivileged people receive the help, advice, and guidance they desperately need.

The Ross Hutchison Foundation (RHF) – Where It All Began

A History of Philanthropy

Throughout his life, Ross has been involved with helping people. This work is very broad, and includes, but is not limited to:

  • His work with Humphrey B. Bear.
  • Inspiring children through TV and live shows.
  • Bringing hope to sick children in hospital.
  • His health and healing practice.
  • Rossco’s work as a gymnastics and dance master coach.
  • And, giving of both his time and his money to help wherever he has been able.

Ross has always looked out for others, with a helping hand and a loving heart. Forming the Ross Hutchison Foundation in 2010 was a natural progression, since he was already doing so much of the work anyway.

The Ethos of the Ross Hutchison Foundation

The RH Foundation was set up as a not-for-profit organisation to provide opportunities for numerous projects and charity organisations based in Penrith. Initially self-funded by Ross himself for many years, in more recent times, the Foundation has received donations from the fundraising and generosity of others.

Over the last decade, Ross Hutchison (Rossco) and his merry team of volunteers have helped thousands of people in desperate situations, all with no government assistance.

The Scope of the Ross Hutchison Foundation

Starting with Penrith carer cars, which help the disabled with transport services and the supply of wheelchairs, the Ross Hutchison Foundation quickly became the go-to source of help for many local charities and projects.

The RHF has partnered with charities as diverse as the Variety Club of Australia, Penrith Community Kitchen, Nordoff-Robbins, and the Red Cross, to name but a few.

Pledging to feed over 100 families a week, the Ross Hutchison Foundation also provides clothing for children, and folks who may be homeless, redistributes preloved furniture to those in desperate need, and gets involved in many youth development schemes.

The RHF BNI Graduate Program

Along with his colleague Rebecca Raad from BNI Sydney North West, George and Ross are preparing to launch the RHF BNI Graduate program, which aims to introduce university students to BNI Chapters, in the hope of creating better business people of the future.

Learn more about this fantastic initiative for students and business owners.

With exciting new developments, combined with our long-time services to the local community in Penrith, the Ross Hutchison Foundation continues to be committed to creating hope and opportunities for a diverse range of people.

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